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Our commitment to you

We at Keep Attacking take your privacy seriously and are committed to safeguarding all personal information from our customers and online visitors.

For the purpose of complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we have implemented the following Privacy Policy to administrate how your personal information is collected, used, and stored.

From May 2018, GDPR replaced the previous Data Protection Act 1998.

The changes occurred as a way to give consumers more control over their personal data and to ensure better management and processing within businesses that hold personal information.

Companies will have to comply with new obligations retaining personal data and individuals will have more rights over what is stored and will have more power to access, erase and transfer the information that is held.


Personal Data – In GDPR, ‘Personal Data’ is any information relating to an identified or identifiable living person.

Processing – Processing data means how the data is used, either manually or by automated means. This can include; collection of, recording, transferring, adapting, storing, use, erasure of, destruction etc.

Your Rights

Under Data Protection Legislation, individuals have several rights regarding the use of their personal data.

  • You can request to access any Personal Data we hold on you – we will complete this this request within 30 days and there will be no charge.
  • You have the right to correct or update incorrect or incomplete Personal Data.
  • You have the right to restrict the processing of your personal data for specific purposes. If you have subscribed for your data to be used for Marketing Purposes, you have the option to un subscribe at any time.
  • You can have your data erased from our systems (providing there are no contractual reasons it is being held)
  • Where Data Retention is required – you may request the data is not processed in any manner during this time.
  • You can request your data be transferred to another organisation or person for storage or processing

All individuals have the right to object to giving their personal data but failure to do so may consequent in us providing a lesser service and/or rejection of certain services we offer (for example, finance options).

If you have an online account and would like to request access to your data or for your information to be removed please visit –  https://www.keepattacking.co.uk/your-data

Alternatively, you can contact info@keepattacking.co.uk for any of the above requests – or for further information regarding your rights as an individual.

(Please note, proof of identification will be required to complete your request.)

Your Personal Data

The information requested from you can include but isn’t limited to –

  • name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • email address
  • IP address and location
  • financial and credit card information
  • information to identify you as an individual (such as your DOB and photo identification)
  • dates special occasion (wedding, birthday etc)
  • spouses name
  • jewellery sizes and preferences

If you contact us, via email, live chat or social media, we may keep a record of that communication and the personal data contained.

We will request your personal data when you are –

  • registering to our website
  • contacting us through our website (using online chat)
  • enquiring, purchasing and ordering from us
  • entering into financial agreements
  • subscribing/using the services we provide
  • completing forms in stores, at events or on our website
  • interested in attending or attending events

 We will keep a record of transactions you carry out through our website, at our stores and any communications regarding your purchase.

How your Personal Data is Processed

The personal data we request will be required for a purpose; for example, to allow us to provide you with a service.

  • We send order related e-mails to keep you informed of your orders process. We use automated decision making to send you tailored communications relating to items in your account and items you have shown an interest in. You can unsubscribe or update your details at any time by clicking on the links at the bottom of any of the e-mail.
  • If you have entered into an agreement with us (i.e. financial) we may contact you to fulfil obligations set out in any contractual agreements.
  • We may contact you in the event of changes to our services, terms and conditions and policies.
  • With your permission, we would like to directly contact you for marketing purposes. For example, regarding new product launches, promotional activities and event invitations that we feel may interest you. This will be using the details you have supplied to us and we will only send communication when you have opted in to receive Direct Marketing communication in your preferred way.
  • If you have given permission to, we will send you offers or promotions on behalf of trusted third parties, if we think they will be of interest to you. If you no longer wish to receive these emails, you have the option to unsubscribe and we will provide clear ways of doing so at the bottom of every email.

We will never sell your data to third parties. Additionally, we will not release your information to third parties except under the terms of this Privacy Policy or unless we are required to by law.

Data Retention

For tax and legal purposes, we retain information on transactions and accounting and financial records for 6 years. Any purchases made with the finance options we provide will mean the data will be required or the term of the financial contract.

Data retained by yourself subscribing to marketing be kept until you have unsubscribed. There are multiple ways to do this: by following the ‘Opt out’ link at the bottom of the email you receive, by updating your preferences on the ‘Your Account’ page on our website or by contacting us directly (please see Contact below).

When you give us permission to send you marketing content, we may then send communication we consider to be of legitimate interest to yourself.

If you have contacted us through email or our website, a record of our correspondence will be retained until the enquiry has been completed and your data if no longer required to complete the service.

Any personal data will be held only as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the data was collected. Any personal data that is no longer required, will be securely destroyed.

How We Store and Protect Your Information

All information you provide us with is stored on our secure servers and any payment transactions will be processed through our protected, payment service provider (this includes online and instore payments).

We can confirm our website security by SSL. ‘Secure Sockets Layer’ is security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser and ensures all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. You can be assured any communications between your browser and our sites servers are private and secure.

Collection and Usage of Your Information from Visiting our Websites

From visiting our website, we may collect information from you from the use of online forms, subscriptions and any communication via the site. We automatically analyse trends and monitor usage statistics of our website by analysing traffic data such as: pages viewed, the previous and following sites visited and how you found our website.

We process this information to understand what future products or services we can offer, to provide you with these products and services, send you information such as special discounts and deals that we feel will be of interest to you personally, communicate important details that affect you (including changes to our website or our Terms and Conditions), to carry out research to develop our company to assist with future customer needs and requests and to provide you with personalised information about our products and services.

We use established third party companies to collect analytics to allow us to review general patterns of our website visitors (for example, Google Analytics). This allows us to study trends such as:

  • A/B testing
  • Traffic source analytics
  • Internal search analytics
  • Purchase analytics
  • Device analytics

This information is not directly linked to an individual and we will not use this as a method to classify the identity of a website visitor, unless the individual has agreed to the Terms and Conditions and more information has been supplied. 


Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on your browser. We use “cookies” on particular pages on our website to help uphold internet security, analyse traffic to our website, customize our services, and measure promotional results. Our cookies do not retain any personal information on you specifically and are only used to remember your preferences on our website.

This is something that allows us to enhance your online experience. You can choose not to accept cookies and will still be able to access our website; however, this may prevent certain features from working fully. Please be aware that partners on our site may not use cookies on the same basis (please refer to their policies).


www.keepattacking.co.uk is registered under company number – 12780901.

Our website may contain links to external sites who we work with. Please be aware these sites will have different privacy policies to us and we do not accept any responsibility and/or liability for their policies or processing of data. Before submitting any personal information to their websites, make sure you check their Privacy terms carefully.

When you register to our site, we request personal information about yourself to create a profile you can access with a password of your choice. You are responsible for keeping the password you set private and we request you do not share this information.

Who Can Access Your Data?

All personal data gathered can be processed by our selected direct employees, agents through our IT support company and selected third parties – these are responsible companies and will only have access to data on a read only basis.

As mentioned above; all data is stored on secure servers is password protected and will only be accessed by employees and contractors who are authorised to do so, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

The Future

We will always advise of any updates to our privacy policy, and your rights in connection with this, on our websites and we will see your continued use to our website, after the changes, as acceptance of them. If you no longer wish for us to hold your data after the potential updates, please notify us of any changes to your preferences.

The data held by Keep Attacking may be shared/transferred to another company if the business, or any parts of it, are sold in the future. The details will be transferred under the agreement to assume our obligations to you under our current Privacy Policy.

The right to complain

We at Keep Attacking take compliance with this regulation very seriously but if you are concerned by how your data is being controlled or processed within our company please contact us.

We have appointed a Data Compliance Officer within our company who will inform, advise and monitor compliance throughout the organisation.

Data Compliance Officer: Brian Wood

Email – info@keepattacking.co.uk

Tel No: TBC

Keep Attacking.
Suite 9, Chieftain House,
Quebec Park,
GU35 0FQ.

Alternatively, the UK’s Supervisory Authority is the Information Commissioners Office and Individuals can also raise any concerns with to how their data is being controlled or processed to them. You can do this by visiting their website – https://ico.org.uk/concerns/


If you have any questions concerning our Privacy Policy, or would like us to request, correct or destroy your information, please contact us on the below details:

Keep Attacking
Suite 9, Chieftain House,
Quebec Park,
GU35 0FP

Email: info@keepattacking.co.uk

Tel: TBC

or visit https://www.keepattacking.co.uk/your-data